Photo credit: M Pietrosante

Hello, My name is Gabriel,

I am a photographer from southern New England. I have been working as a professional photographer for 8yrs through out New England and New York. I have done everything from portraiture to commercial and industrial photography. I tend to gravitate towards portrait and photojournalism, capturing events or a moment that you don’t get a chance to experience again is what I think makes photography so great, as both a photographer, and a fan.

My photographic style tends to be cinematic, I love a photo that has strong contrast and projects a mood. I think that when you look at an image you should be able to feel what is happening in the still. I try to work with natural light as much as possible especially when working on headshots. Thought I do a lot of conventional work, I love having the opportunity to get creative.

My goal as a photographer is to help people tell their story by capturing the details of my clients events, or capturing a moment in their life through a portrait. Recently I have started work on a project that will combine photo and video to create an immersive portrait experience that is a new way to capture a life. More on that soon.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me please click on the button below. Thanks for visiting.